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Currently, getting a local instance of Scrumbugz set up for development is non-trivial. Vagrant and Docker could be used to automate the provisioning of a local Docker instance that is set up correctly for Scrumbugz hacking.

Project Plan

We have already gone through the process of setting up Vagrant to provision a development environment for our TreeHerder web app. The documentation on how to install TreeHerder using Vagrant is here. The TreeHerder Vagrant file is here.

To be successful in this project, the following has to be accomplished:

  1. Build a base Vagrant file to provision a Docker instance running Ubuntu 13.04. This will be used as the base for a number of other similar projects.
  2. Build upon the base Vangrant file to provision the Docker instance with the necessary prerequisites for running Scrumbugz.
  3. Add automation to the provisioning process to clone the Scrumbugz code and to set up a local database with test data.
  4. Write an MDN article documenting how to use Vagrant to provision a Scrumbugz development environment.


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