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Remote control Service is the entry point of Remote Control feature. This page will introduce how the service works in Gecko.

Bug: bug 1197749

Enable remote control in custom build

Remote control is for Firefox OS TV, so it's only available when you add the following line to mozconfig:

 ac_add_options --enable-remote-control-service

Gecko uses the macro MOZ_B2G_REMOTECONTROLSERVICE to enable remote control in following files:

  • b2g/app/b2g.js
  • b2g/installer/
  • b2g/chrome/
  • b2g/chrome/content/shell.html
  • b2g/
  • b2g/components/
  • toolkit/modules/AppConstants.jsm

Use AppConstants.MOZ_B2G_REMOTECONTROLSERVICE in following file:

  • b2g/chrome/content/settings.js

Architecture Design

Service start/stop

  1. shell.html includes chrome://b2g/content/remote_control.js
  2. remote_control.js reads Gecko preference remotecontrol.service.enabled, if true, start service
  3. remote_control.js monitors the preference to start/stop service

Gaia MozSettings mapping

User can use remote control app to start/stop service. But the app only write changes to MozSettings, service monitors Gecko preference to start/stop. In settings.js, function setupRemoteControlSettings monitors MozSettings remote-control.enabled and write the value to Gecko preference remotecontrol.service.enable.