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Flatfish Build Status Page

Please leave notes about major concerns for a build here. This is only a place for listing blockers that prevent effective testing or significant usability concerns, it is not a place to list bugs for a build.

Flatfish builds found here:

Current stable build: 20150108 GOOD
Previous stable:

Note: As of Dec. 16, 2014, the stable directory has been removed from Dropbox. Please use the new link provided above.

Vendor Builds

  • 20150209 BROKEN : empty .img files
  • 20150208 BROKEN : empty .img files
  • 20150207 BROKEN : empty .img files
  • 20150206 BROKEN : empty .img files
  • 20150205 BROKEN : empty .img files
  • 20150204 BROKEN : empty .img files
  • 20150203 BROKEN : empty .img files

Community Builds

Community builds are built by other tablet users and can differ from the official builds.