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Whatever the problem may be, we're here to help!

The Tablet Contribution Program or TCP for short, is full of amazing coordinators and contributors that are ready to assist you.

You can get in touch and receive assistance in the following ways:

Through Discourse: click here to post your question, comment or concern to the forum. This is the primary discussion forum for the TCP. Unlike IRC and the mailing list, this discussion provides an archive and history that's available to people who join the program later.

Via IRC: jump in, to the #TCP channel on This is the primary place we have live discussions, both technical and social. Drop in and say "Hi" any time.

Mailing list: [1]. Here, you can sign up to receive announcements and other important updates. We encourage everyone participating in the TCP to join this list. It will be low-volume so you don't have to worry about it overloading your inbox. All participants will have been automatically added and subscribed to the list.

Please be sure not to share personal information on any of these forums that you don't want other TCP participants to see. If you require assistance that depends on personal information like your shipping address, please email a TCP coordinator, listed below, to directly assist you.

The following amazing folks are coordinators just so, you're not confused:

Asa Dotzler (IRC:AsaDotzler), Program Manager

Mark S. (IRC:Caspy7), TCP Coordinator

Noah Y. (IRC:Noah_), TCP Coordinator

Andrew T. (IRC:feer56), TCP Coordinator

Joshua S. (IRC:joshua-s), TCP Coordinator

Steve L. (IRC:slee), TCP Coordinator

Yousef A. (IRC:yalam96), Mozilla Discourse