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First things first...

CAUTION: Do not enable the screen reader mode on the version of Firefox OS that shipped with your tablet.

The screen reader that ships with the Flatfish tablets is broken and should not be tested unless you are on a more recent build of the OS. (More recent builds can enable and disable it using the volume buttons. See the second "Note:" below this section for the details.)

To disable the screen reader:

  • First familiarize yourself with screen reader navigation gestures. (You must do this to accomplish all steps!)
  • Open the web browser
  • Go to:
    • Here is a shorter version for less typing:
  • At the bottom of the WebActivities section, tap "Open settings"
  • In settings, on the left side, navigate down to the Accessibility section and disable the Screen reader toggle.

Alternatively, if you are comfortable with losing your data, you can follow instructions to Reset the tablet. It does not require navigating the User Interface, but you will need to run ADB in a command prompt.