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So you have received your device

Power and Charging

Now that you have received your device, here are some helpful tips and information:

  • Plug it in. We recommend plugging in your tablet as soon as you open it. The tablet will not arrive with a full charge, in fact it may have little or no charge, and having it die during your initial setup is no fun. (See also the next item.)
  • When dead, the tablet may need to charge for several minutes (possibly 30 minutes or more) before it can be powered up at all. As expected, it will charge more slowly while powered on than while powered off.
  • The tablet comes with a standard-USB to micro-USB cord and a converter compatible with the U.S. power grid. It has a 2.0 amp output. You can safely plug the USB cord into a computer or use any micro-USB phone charger or plug the USB cord into a plug adapter (e.g. a Nexus 7 plug adapter).
    • Your tablet may not show that it is charging when plugged into your computer because the amperage is not high enough. It may charge slowly, it may stay level or it may discharge slowly depending on use.
    • Most phone chargers are under 2.0 amps, so charging will take longer (up to 2.5x longer).
    • USB Cord plugged into a computer: The Tablet may consume more power than USB gives it if the tablet is not power off.
    • USB cord plugged into a plug adapter: Charging should be the fastest (only a few hours to charge to the maximum).

To learn more, read more about charging USB devices here.

First Time Use

  • Don't bypass FTU steps. If you don't setup a correct date you could have some problems later with browsing a website with SSL (https://).
  • Please note, for the upward swipe gesture (illustrated in the first time use tutorial) which takes you to the home screen, your finger should begin swiping below the display.


Use the setting app for all settings :

  • change or add a new keyboard
  • relaunch the FTU
  • set debug settings : Device information > More information > Developer
    • enable rocket bar !
    • grid
    • frames per second
    • flash repainted area
    • show time to load
    • edges gestures !
    • app transitions
  • help Mozilla to improve Firefox OS : submit performance data and send crash report options.
  • handle power consumption if not needed : disabling geolocation, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

The software still has some rough edges. Remember your experience may not initially be great. That's why you're here - to help make it great by reporting bugs you found !