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Smoketests for tablets

These are simple tests that should be carried out for each new build.

Critical smoketests

If a Critical test fails, then the build should be marked as badly broken.

  • Turn on tablet and complete FTU (Critical)
  • Homescreen displays installed apps (Critical)
  • Launch each system app (Critical)
    • Calendar
    • Contacts
    • Email
    • Gallery
    • Marketplace
    • Music
    • Rocket bar
  • Open the Marketplace and install two apps (if both fail, fail test) (Critical)
  • Move and delete an app on the homescreen, and ensure they start up as expected. (Critical)
  • Browse to using rocket bar (Critical)

Minor smoketests

If a single Minor test fails, the build should be marked as slightly broken.
If multiple Minor tests fail, the build should be marked as broken.

  • Change orientation in browser (Minor)
  • Take a photo (Minor)
  • Play a MP3 in the Music app. (Minor)