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  • To get Tarako to a state where a demo a possible

Agenda & Participants

Date & Location

  • Dates: Feb 10 - Feb 14, 2014
  • Location: Mozilla Taipei Office, Taiwan (important link)
    • Address: 4th Floor - A1, No. 106, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 11047, Taiwan
    • Address in Chinese: 110 台北市信義區信義路五段 106 號 4 樓 A-1
    • Google Map:

Useful Information

  • Hotel recommendation:
  • Electricity: Taiwan uses US-style power adapters, at 110V, 60Hz. (Are polarized plugs (those with one prong wider than the other) likely to work? - YES. Plugs with ground pins? - Outlets in the office will take plugs with ground pins like , so should the ones in the hotel. Though you would be better covered if you have this type without the third pin )
  • Currency: New Taiwan Dollar, local abbreviation NT$ in English writing or 元 in Chinese writing, currency code TWD, exchange rates
  • Local Phone Contacts:
    • MoCo Office: +886-2-8786-1100
    • Grand Hyatt: +886 2 2720 1234
  • Ground Transportation:
    • important note about getting around by taxi (or in case you get lost and need a taxi to recover): you should not expect taxi drivers to understand Latin alphabet writing, nor should you expect your attempt to pronounce transliterated Chinese to be understandable. Therefore you should have the address of your destination written down in Chinese characters. So it's probably a good idea to print out a paper/card with the hotel's address in Chinese (PNG image, source HTML) before you leave. (In case you don't print it but do print this, the important part is: 台北君悅大飯店 台灣台北市松壽路2號.)
    • from Taipei Taoyuan Airport (TPE) (instructions based on Web info; not verified with locals):
    • from Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) (instructions based on Web info; not verified with locals):
      • taxi, 15 minutes (see instructions above)
      • Metro to Taipei City Hall Station, exit 2 (出口2), then 10-15 minutes walk (check walking directions beforehand!)
  • shared google map (feel free to add useful things)
  • Taipei Metro (MRT)
  • Wikivoyage - Taipei
  • Weather: Forecast in °C, Forecast in °F, Radar
  • Health information: from CDC (US), from NHS (UK), from french Foreign Office. (You should ask your doctor if you have any questions.)
  • Water: Locals do not drink the tap water without boiling or filtering it first. You should drink bottled water from reputable sources.
  • Laundry: There is an easy-to-use 24 hour laundromat a very short walk from the hotel. Nearly everything has English labels in addition to Chinese. Soap NT$10 (accepts bills or coins, gives change, be careful to pick the soap rather than the other items), washer NT$50/NT$70/NT$100 (function of washer size, takes NT$10 and NT$50 coins only), dryer NT$10/6min (takes NT$10 coins only, I think).
  • Note: when visiting nearby Taipei 101 betel nut and gum chewing is not allowed.
  • Additional recommendations: