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Feature Landing: June 9th


  • QA signoff
    • Passes functional testing necessary to meet user story acceptance criteria

[DONE] Features must not land with device automated tests disabled
[DONE] No smoketest regressions
[DONE] No performance or checkerboarding regressions
[DONE] Includes integration/unit tests
[DONE] Performance/stability metrics maintained at least on par with previous release


  • QA and release management should be informed of all complex feature/Patch landings before the landing occurs.
    • Complex features/patches are defined as:
      • features that have a significant amount of risk wrt destabilizing the tree
      • features that touch multiple modules
  • Partial landing of a feature may be acceptable
    • Feature scope change must be signed off by stakeholders including product, UX and QA (may also include other teams like security)

Feature Complete: July 21st

  • All feature landing exceptions must be resolved
  • Bugs with keyword late-l10n should be zero
  • Chipset vendor requirements or bugs needed to meet their FC date must be resolved
  • QA sign-off
    • Completed one functional test run
    • QA defines 2 areas of "functional areas" for exploratory testing and lead will send a "signoff" note when he feels its qualitatively ready
    • Smoketest Greenness - Latest length of time that we haven't had smoketest regressions needs to be greater than five days
  • Perfomance team sign-off to ensure we have met the FC ready criteria

Notes :

  • Hard string freeze happens in two weeks as we enter the the FC phase giving the localization team four weeks to localize the strings and prepare for a testrun at FC. FC will typically mark the launch of the initial l10n test run.