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Main questions to answer:

  • Eliminate the secret phrase?
  • User experience issues
    • Can't find remote tabs (PC)
    • 2nd PC merge screen confusing, people give up
  • Perf
    • startup
    • sync (1st time, ongoing)
  • Quotas in the client?
  • Keep the add-on or kill it?


  • Keep the add-on or kill it?
    • We may need to bump the storage version (absolute vs. relative URLs)
    • 1.5 feature set is likely what will ship with Fx 4.
    • We should keep the add-on around until we get everything we need for Fx 4.
    • We should re-evaluate whether to keep the add-on or develop on trunk after that.
    • Key question: How do we keep shipping new features for Sync w/o being held back by Firefox?
  • Quotas in the client?
    • We need a plan to figure out how to allow people to see how much of their quota they are using.
    • Users need to know they have a limit, client needs to gracefully deal with that.
    • Web based system to get more quota.
    • AMO process piece to make sure add-on developers are aware of quotas.
  • Perf
    • Bookmarks restore doesn't block and they don't appear in chunks.
    • Can't hurt start-up time - zero impact.
    • Responsiveness - if scrolling a page gets jerky, that's not OK.
    • Perf on OK hardware
  • UX issues
    • Follow up with Faaborg, MConnor and Ragavan
  • Eliminate secret phrase
    • One option would be to use the secret phrase as a secret question. This would reduce entropy on the secret phrase, but at least improve chances that the user remembers what it is. It still doesn't address the web client authentication model.