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Firefox Update Content ( Optimization)

  • The Problem

There seem to be two separate issues when trying to understand why users don’t update their Firefox:

    • Users do not understand the benefits of “updating” and distrust the idea of continually downloading things from the Internet.
    • Users do not know how to update their browser and confuse it with re-downloading Firefox.
  • The Two-Fold Solution
    • Use the existing and personal.html page and add content in the “Quick Tips” Box with a “Learn more” link [actually, the page would just be styled like the /ie.html page, but wouldn’t actually be on that page…should actually be on /upgrade.html instead. Also, personal.html and ie.html would have Update info boxes on each page]
      • Create page with FAQs
      • What is an update?
      • Why is it important?
      • How do I get an update? (SUMO link)
      • What about my book marks…?
    • Add link to SUMO articles (
      • Add content on benefits of updating, security, etc. on First Run Page
      • Have snippets circulating about updating to the latest version of Firefox
    • Add content to and info for Mac and Linux. [COMPLETE]
      • Screenshots
  • Schedule
    • 8/24-9/1: Silver Orange works on implementation
    • 9/1-9/3: QA
    • 9/8: Pages Live