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Firefox print preview has been --t-e-d-i-o-u-s-- now for ages.

I use print preview a lot and I've always wondered how to make this issue heard. I must have been trying the wrong way since neither attempts really got honored.

What I would expect of a print preview feature featuring fair usability is partially this (additions will probably be made as I and others continue on this page):

  • need to use only a simple keyboard shortcut to invoke print preview
  • print preview working in separate window or tab (I can see folks seem to be working on something like this already, although that seems to be in an early stage)
  • print preview does NOT block me from switching through my other open tabs
  • preferably, print preview does NOT block me from viewing the screen-rendered form of the tab I'm print-previewing, either
  • The Scale pulldown shoud NOT be a pulldown. A pulldown is the most tedious mouse UI item I could think of.
  • Pressing the + and - keys (or some approppriate other keys) on my keyboard should give me "larger" or "smaller" size scaling in the print preview, saving me the hassle with the pulldown
  • print preview should react on the mouse wheel plus keyboard modifier (preferably configurable in about:config or somewhere convenient) in a sense of giving me "larger" or "smaller" size scaling
  • as of date, some keys do produce an immediate reaction as to scaling if the pulldown has focus. These are the initial letters (or numbers) of the entries in the pulldown. However, no in-between scaling values can be added without considerable ado. The least I'm required to do is to hit the appropriate key for the pulldown to go into "user defined" then enter - full manually typing - the desired scaling ratio. For every change I want to make I have to go through this start thru end.
  • The cursor keys should work normally in the print preview, such as to scroll or page back and forth, which they don't (as of date).
  • I do notice I can navigate the print preview window's own button bar using TAB/ShTAB to choose a button and SPACE to press it. That's cold comfort to me seeing as this is almost as tedious as travelling long distances with my mouse pointer all over.
  • Ability to ignore print.css. Some web sites have a print.css I'd rather they hadn't when I want to print a web page. They just force down on me things I don't want at all (such as invisible side columns when I want a true printout of the whole page or something that's on the side). There should be an EASY way to disable evaluation of the print.css and treat the page in print (preview) as if it were screen or not using any css at all. The UI element that comes to mind is a toggle button operable by a keyboard shortcut without having to touch it with the mouse (rather, two or three shortcuts for media=print, screen or none, or one shortcut to cycle through all the modes - and, of course, accept keystrokes until I stop so I don't have to wait for the renderer to finish doing a mode I don't want to see.)

This is what I can think of at the moment. More ideas welcome in the hope that somebody able to turn them into Firefox features may notice and show some mercy with us poor folks that do use print preview a lot (and haven't switched over to Opera still).

Some more complaints are related to the Print and Page Setup UI (dialogs) and behavior (such as Firefox reloading data it can't but have fetched and cached at least once already -- since it's already rendered it -- once you tell Firefox you want your page printed. Cache settings on, of course.)