FlyWeb/Meetings/2015-08-20 - FlyWeb+Presentation API

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Weekly FlyWeb Standup

8/24/2015 @10AM PST Attendees: caspy7, djvj, justindarc, drs, nicoleyee


  • Doug recap on Taipei
  • Presentation API Architecture Overview: See photos below
  • Kannan Weekly Overview



  • Remote control has to go into 2.5 or no remote control at all.
  • Fly web to be built on top of Presentation API XPCOM implementation
  • Taipei employee working on HTTP server in gecko
  • Fly web can consume that server.
  • They (Taipei TV) would use fly web as an XPCOM interface to do event shuttling
  • possible demo in Mozfest in London in Nov. 6&7
  • ravi? to talk to chris beard on wednesday about feature of flyweb. if goes well, then we will begin prototyping


  • Service discovery needs refactoring out
  • Write specific FlyWeb interfaces
  • Finish HTTP Server that Eric is working on
  • Finish Event Shuttling
  • drs, djvj, justindarc to talk to Jan about landing support to physical web
  • kannan, drs meeting with david sometime is week
  • revisit use cases: need a use case that we can do a portable demo

FlyWeb-2015-08-20-1.jpg FlyWeb-2015-08-20-2.jpg FlyWeb-2015-08-20-3.jpg FlyWeb-2015-08-20-4.jpg