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Please list your name here (in alphabetical order by surname) if you intend to come to the Mozilla Developer room during FOSDEM 2006, so Axel Hecht can get an idea how crowded it's going to be.

If you are a member of the Mozilla community and want to come to the Mozilla Dinner on Saturday evening, please note that in the appropriate column and email Gerv, so he knows how to contact you. Also email Gerv if you have special dietary requirements.

List of Visitors

Name Localiser Holding a Talk Attending Dinner
Flore Allemandou fr (Nvu, Camino) no yes
Andrés G. Aragoneses es-ES no yes
Tsahi Asher he no yes
Dwayne Bailey tools no yes
David Baron yes yes
Thomas Bassetto no yes
Pierre-Yves Beaudouin no yes
Allan Beaufour es no yes
Peter van der Beken yes
Anna Białkowska no yes
Christian Biesinger no yes
Zbigniew Braniecki pl yes yes
Patrick Brunschwig no yes
Emmanuel Chaffraix no yes
Frédéric Chateaux fr (SeaMonkey) no yes
Pascal Chevrel no yes
Cédric Corazza fr no yes
Martin Creutziger de no yes
Sébastien Deleuze no yes
Philippe Dessante fr no yes
Sébastien Desvignes fr (Nvu, Camino) no yes
Karsten Düsterloh no yes
Wadim Dziedzic pl no yes
Kai Engert no yes
Pavel Franc cz no yes
Alex Fritze yes yes
Matthew Gertner yes yes
Daniel Glazman no maybe
Axel Hecht l10n owner yes yes
Toni Hermoso Pulido ca no yes
Ludovic Hirlimann no yes
Ibon Igartua eu no yes
Fabien Illide no maybe
Laurent Jouanneau no yes
Eric Jousse no yes
Robert Kaiser de (SeaMonkey) yes yes
Adrian (Adrianer) Kalla pl no yes
Paul Kim no yes
Brian King ga-IE no yes
Daniel Kirsch no yes
Aiet Kolkhi ka-GE no yes
Piotr Komoda pl no yes
Gijs Kruitbosch no yes
Ognyan Kulev bg no yes
Benoît Leseul fr (Fx) no yes
Stanisław Małolepszy pl no yes
Gervase Markham yes yes
David Marteau no yes
Simon Montagu i18n owner no yes
Håvard Mork nb-NO no yes
Tristan Nitot N/A yes yes
Andreas Otte no yes
Ricardo Palomares es-ES (SeaMonkey) no yes
Lukás Petrovický cz no yes
Ville Pohjanheimo fi no yes
Wolfgang Rosenauer no maybe
Branislav Rozbora sk no yes
Paul Rouget no yes
Christoph Safferling possibly? yes
Gia Shervashidze ka-GE no yes
Henrik Skupin no yes
Marek Stępień pl (Fx, Sunbird) no yes
Chris Thomas no yes
Andras Timar hu no yes
Abdulkadir Topal de no yes
Vlado Valastiak sk no yes