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Speaker Title
Tristan Nitot Introduction speech
Gervase Markham Foundation Update, Programs, Goals etc.
Pascal Chevrel, Gregorio Robles Mozilla and universities (lightning talk about MAOW Madrid organized jointly with Madrid University, 20mn)
Zbigniew Braniecki Mozilla Community Sites Project
OpenWeb : Where are we ? - HTML5, CSS3, Video/Audio, SVG
Christian Sejersen Mobile - general overview
Mark Finkle Fennec 1.0a2 and performance
Labs (which project ?)
Ludovic Hirlimann Thunderbird 3
Philipp Kewisch The Future of Calendar (or possibly a technical topic)
Tracemonkey - Why is it so cool ? What are the next steps ?
Robert Kaiser SeaMonkey 2 and the vision beyond
Mark Finkle The new embedding API
Mark Finkle XulRunner
Firefox 3.2 ? (SVG, SMILE, ACID 3, ...)
Alex Fritze Oni
John Slater Building Mozilla's visual design community
Tomcat Overview over Mozilla QA (who we are, what we do, how to get involved)
Matthew Gertner Prism
Chris Lord Headless (off-screen) Mozilla back-end