Fosdem:2010/Lightning talks

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  • Sunday 7 February, 15:30-16:15

Running Order

  • The Bugzilla REST API - how you can use it to make your Mozilla life easier - Gerv Markham
  • Using the OmegaT tool to localize: How to eat the l10n cake and keep it too - Vito Smolej
  • Kompozer : a year in review : general overview of the progress on the code side, on the community side and an update on the work in progress - Fabien Cazenave
  • "I Tested It!": an introduction into the latest community marketing campaign aimed at developers and beta testers - FuzzyFox, Gorjan, Kerim
  • The future of What's new for the dashboard, and other l10n pages - Axel Hecht
  • Online Communication in the Mozilla Project: In virtual teams (like Mozilla) communication is as important as it is challenging. This talk will be about the importance of informal communication and how some of the groups within Mozilla handle it - Kadir Topal
  • Digitally signing email, why and how ?: Introduction on digitally signing emails. How does it work. Why Should People sign their emails. Howto sign emails , live demo on how to get started - Ludovic Hirlimann
  • "Netbook Extension for Thunderbird" - Andreas Nilsson

Ground Rules

  • Presentations are an absolute max of 5 minutes - you will be hounded off the stage
  • You are strongly recommended to have only one major point, and make it well :-)
  • Here is some more good advice
  • Slides must be submitted in advance
  • A single computer will be used for all sets of slides
  • The following software will be available on the computer: Firefox, evince,
  • The order will be posted beforehand; if you miss your slot, tough luck