Fosdem:2011/Lightning talks

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  • Sunday 6 February

Running Order

  • Demos of Mozilla Messaging extensions (as part of Lightning Talks) - Andreas Nilsson
  • MozRepl 1.1 - Telnet into your PC/Phone Browser - Luca Greco
  • Notes on the state of SeaMonkey - Robert Kaiser
  • Add your lightning talk proposal here.

Ground Rules

  • Presentations are an absolute max of 5 minutes - you will be hounded off the stage
  • You are strongly recommended to have only one major point, and make it well :-)
  • Here is some more good advice
  • Slides must be submitted in advance
  • A single computer will be used for all sets of slides
  • The following software will be available on the computer: Firefox, evince,
  • The order will be posted beforehand; if you miss your slot, tough luck