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If you have blog posts, pictures, comments on the FOSDEM 2013 conference, esp. the Mozilla Developer room there, please add them here.


For general feedback to the FOSDEM organisers:

  • info@fosdem.org for a personal message, or
  • fosdem@lists.fosdem.org for a post on our mailinglist

Blog Posts / Slides



Tag your photos with fosdem first, and fosdem2013 if you wish.


"It was my first FOSDEM, but I'll definitely be coming back!" - Dave Hunt

"It was a great event!" - Kadir Topal

"I had a great time. Also, thanks for inviting me and all the work you did for organizing the event!" - Brendan Dahl

"Thank you so much -- I had an absolutely fantastic time, and would love to return next year." - Dan Callahan