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This policy is to help reinforce how we man our booth at FOSDEM 2017. We suggest all Mozillians read it in order to improve our impact with our booth.


We would like to have an active booth, feel free to engage with attendees stopping at our booth. Don’t enter in endless arguments or political debate while you are in your shift Be nice and respectful. Please follow the guidelines indicated in the Code of Conduct


We would like to have booth tidy and clean, so in order to get that we recommend:

  • Do not leave your coats at the booth, there’s a cloakroom where you can leave your belongings for free
  • Personal and important belongings should NOT be left at the booth, people that runs the booth are not supposed to be responsible to keep and guard valuable objects.
  • Try to not eat at the booth
  • Do not leave drinks at the booth (table cloth gets dirty pretty quick)
  • If you are not in your shift, try to rest, or enjoy the event
  • Drink water (it will be bottles for everyone), or coke if you need caffeine
  • Wear comfortable shoes, you will stay on your feet a couple of hours

Recommendations for attending FOSDEM

Friday beer event

  • Please bare in mind that Delirium Tremens will be crowdy (very crowded). Meet people there will be extremely difficult, so try to meet outside the alley that goes to Delirium.
  • While we have a policy of no-alcohol in our events, we are aware that is Brussels, FOSDEM, Friday… but do not encourage people to drink more, or challenge them to drink more. Take care of each other and be always respectful.

Remember that if you have the first shift on Saturday, you will have to be at ULB at 9 AM sharp.


  • Since the hotel is close to De Brouckere, you will take the Bus 71 to Delta almost empty (there will be a huge queue starting at 8:30 AM). Bus travel will be approximately 30-40 minutes, depending on traffic and amount of people trying to get in the bus. You can step down in Jeanne or ULB.
  • For returning you can take the same bus (to De Brouckere), or go to Delta to take it empty. Have in mind there will be a huge amount of people trying to return to city center. Queues starts around 6 PM.
  • Devroom and Booth should be clean and wrapped up at 7:30 PM, please try to help even if you don’t appear on the shifts.


  • It is suggested to go as early as possible to avoid queues at bus stop. Note that some people will bring their luggage, so space inside the bus can be an issue.
  • Booth should be completely clean and empty at 6:30 PM (Closing session ends at 6 PM).