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Basically, [1] provides most of the information about hosting a FOTA server. I just summarize these information into step-by-step instruction.

Setting up FOTA server in customer side requires the following 3 steps:

step 1. config the update server URL in b2g phone:
The URL is stored in gecko preference ( see [2] ). There are several pre-defined parameters can be used for generating server URL, e.g. PRODUCT_MODEL and CHANNEL.
The detailed URL formatting rule can be found in [3].

step 2. put corresponding update.xml on the FOTA server.
The update server URL should be able to retrieve an XML file that describe the actual URL for downloading the update package and related attribute about the update package. (see [1] for the example of update.xml)

step 3. put corresponding update package on the FOTA server.
In [4], our customer can generate a complete update package or an incremental update package and put the update package on the location specified in update.xml provided in step 2.