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Ongoing series online courses run jointly by professors and Mozilla community members, providing opportunities for community building and learning on topics most important to Mozilla at any given moment.


Mozilla-related educational activities like those at Seneca College are primarily oriented toward teaching Mozilla technologies and practices to programmers in a computer science context; in addition, they employ the traditional academic model of full-term courses taught in a classroom or other physical setting. While valuable, such activities do not address the following:

  • Education in project aspects beyond core development, release engineering, and related tasks.
  • Education for more casual Mozilla contributors.
  • Education of students regardless of their physical location or institutional affiliation.

The "community courses" approach is intended to address (to one degree or another) all three of the above issues.


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Desired outcomes

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How it will work


  • we need to pick one or two topics to start with, ideally tied to areas where Mozilla has strong content along with a desire for more outreach. could be:
    • open web technologies (for web design and tech students)
    • design in the open (for design students)
    • community marketing (for business students)
    • open web in society (for business students)


  • based in the Mozilla community, ideally with an academic partner to guide and drive each course
  • each course builds a learning framework around existing Mozilla activities and materials
    • for example, a community marketing course could build around SpreadFirefox and the campus reps programs
  • students would be given small tasks / assignments to complete that a) offer a chance to contribute to Mozilla but b) don't create alot of noise or tax the community
    • this is different than Seneca in that the contribution opportunities are both lower bar and go less deep into the community
  • uses model similar to Dave Wiley's successful open education course at BYU
  • could also tie into the emerging p2p university initiative if that gets traction

Products / stuff we'll create

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Use cases

Student at university

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Independent learner

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Mozilla contributor

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Things we have

Things we need

  • what's missing? what do we need to build?


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