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Potential participants in Mozilla education community

The following people have been involved to one degree or another in Mozilla or general open source education activities, and are candidates for participating in one or more of the activities outlined in the Mozilla education planning document.

Name Background Affiliation Role / interest
Pascal Chevrel Mozilla community Mozilla coordinate European activities, mentor
Ross Gardler educator / Apache community University of Oxford OSS Watch FOSS Education project
Frank Hecker Mozilla community Mozilla coordinate Foundation activities
Dave Humphrey educator / Mozilla community Seneca College module owner for education?
Gary Kwong Mozilla community Mozilla teaching Mozilla courses, mentor
Jason Orendorff Mozilla community Mozilla mentor
David Rajchenbach-Teller Mozilla community / researcher / educator Mozilla mentor / relations to universities / open education
Gregorio Robles educator Universidad Rey Juan Carlos teaching Mozilla courses
Paul Rouget Mozilla community Mozilla mentor
Philipp Schmidt educator University of the Western Cape open education
Stian Haklev educator/student University of Toronto/P2P University open education/higher education
Ted Mielczarek Mozilla community Mozilla mentor
Mark Surman [what to put?] Mozilla Foundation executive director
Mark Finkle Mozilla community Mozilla mentor
Jesús M. González-Barahona educator Universidad Rey Juan Carlos open education/higher education
Israel Herraiz FLOSS researcher Universidad Rey Juan Carlos FLOSS education
Steve Lee developer / educator / FOSS advocate Freelance / Moz a11y community / OSSWatch mentor / open education
Bogomil "Bogo" Shopov hacker / FOSS advocate Freelancer open (web) education

[Please add your own name if you are interested in participating in this effort.]