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[At present this is mainly a placeholder for a more detailed discussion of required resources.]]

Resources and financial setting

The following human, financial, and other resources will be required for the various initiatives proposed in the Mozilla education planning document; for more detail see the individual pages for each initiative.

  • People resources
    • Program coordination. Provided by Mozilla Foundation staff and possibly staff from other Mozilla entities (e.g., Mozilla Europe)
    • Instructors. Typically provided by the participating institutions, although in some cases mentors may also serve as instructors.
    • Mentors. Experienced contributors from Firefox, Thunderbird and other Mozilla communities.
  • Financial resources
    • Mozilla Foundation funding for hard costs associated with delivering programs.
    • Other Mozilla sponsorship. This could include paying travel expenses for employees and contractors participating in education initiatives, helping pay for travel scholarships for faculty, etc.
    • Co-funding by institutional partners. This could cover instructor salaries and other expenses.
    • Other grants. It is possible that some funding could be secured through government or other grants. Typically these would be funneled through the participating institutions.
    • Student fees. Beyond fees from full-time students enrolled in participating institutions, there may be opportunities to charge fees to students enrolling in just the Mozilla-reated courses (for example, students whose employers could pay for this as part of general corporate training). This could cover the costs of running courses like the one proposed in Madrid.
  • Other resources
    • Seneca resources. Technical infrastructure and online community that serve as 'student sandbox' outside mainstream Mozilla channels.
    • Mozilla-specific. Includes Mozilla infrastructure (e.g., Bugzilla), content (e.g., MDC), etc.
    • General. Includes general FOSS instructional content usable in a Mozilla context, FOSS software to support classroom and independent learning, etc.