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Software Freedom Day 2011 - Križevci


The event will start on 2011/09/17 09:00:00 AM till 2011/09/17 01:00:00 PM.


Križevci, Croatia, EMEA


This event is owned by nikola.matosovic


It is estimated that 100-500 people will be at the event.


For brief information read only event description. Everything below is "in depth" analysis
of way of working and will be used as useful info for future event planning of that kind.

Main city square - event venue is in front of that roofed round place

Croatian Free Software Association (Free Software Croatia) in cooperation with Mozilla Hrvatska organizes an event
regarding international day of free software - SFD - Software Freedom Day.

Mozilla will set up a booth on the main city square, in pedestrian zone (where lot of people are passing by).

Visitors will be able to try out many different free software, ask and get any information about it, copy installation files
on their dvds/usb/whatever or event take CDs that will be prepared, etc.
During the event it will be possible to try out Mozilla software as well, like Firefox and Thunderbird.

We will also be prepared for explaining differences and advantages between Firefox and other browsers.

During the event, we will make small research about users habits, informedness and other similar stuff.

The event will be also used for some minor recruitment activities.
(we will recruit new active members of croatian newborn community. Promised rewards won't be given right
on spot during that event, but later during Septemer/October because of problems with recieved swag)

Promotion of our new official website and our profiles and pages on social portals is planned, too.

Volunteers and contributors, all planning activities are made on Mozilla Hrvatska Intranet.
Intranet account and membership in Event Managment group are mandatory.

Actions before main happening

Swag ordered and posters acquired.

Posters are put in hot spots with lots of pedestrians.

Target population defined - young people from 15 to 25 (28) years old.

All high schools in town visited, posters left in them, initial outreach
made, some swag (very little) given away during class brakes, people are
talking to their classmates about it and about event, will be sharing news
tomorrow, for sure (15.9.). We already saw results of our actions in high school -
many people contacted us via chat, are attending event for sure, are interested
in more details.

Event on Facebook created.

Tweeted about our activities.

Posted gallery and short story about our afternoon and how good and fun we spent our time.

Activities during event

All activities are starting from 0900H on main city square.
Around that same time, loudspeakers will be turned on. SSH people will prepare
music that is made under creative commons license and stuff like that.("free music")

One special table will be set up for computers on which will be possible to try out
many free software. Some of us Mozillians will bring our own desktop computers and
laptops and we will run only Firefox and Thunderbird. Firefox should be in different
persona and equipped with different addons on every laptop so that we can easily show
adjustability and personalization possibilities to visitors.

On another table we will organize piles of swag stuff (badges, stickers) so that
visually drags people to booth.
Also, we will organize some space for filling out polls. We hope that visitors
will be of different age rangs, and willing to fill it out. As incentive, we will
give a pen and combination of other Firefox gifts to every respondent.

QR codes and links to our official website, official Mozilla and Firefox website &
some others will be hanged on, below and around our booth. QR codes will be used as
a way for people that have smartphones to easily visit named websites and get
additional info.

We made agreement that one part of Mozillians will always have their smartphones somewhere
near. We will tweet about happenings, experiences, current mood, etc. on our official twitter
profile. Mozillians will take picture with some visitors too, so pics will be tweeted also.
Facebook profile will be refreshed regulary, but rarely.

One part of Mozillians that are especially good with people and radiate kindness and happines ( :) )
wil do "Pidgeon-flyouts". Ocasionally, they will walk on square, (and not just stand behind booth)
and will be asking people intriguing questions, giving smaller prizes for shown knowledge from
random passers, try to interest people in that particular topic (free software, freedom of Internet
etc.), and then send them to booth for additional information.

"Pidgeons" will be carefully picked as this is a job that needs to be done carefully and delicate, so
that nobody isn't even accidentally offended. No pusher or violent actions should be made in any case.

I decided to make handouts on my own expense. It will contain some "important" info, links to some
programmes like SUMO & other similar stuff. Quantity of handouts will depend on my resources.

Active MozHR volunteers on project

  • Jelena Konfic
  • Mislav Zorko
  • Lahorka Lojen
  • Ivona Haban

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Swag ticket : 680860


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