GSoC Update 1 - HTML5 Speech API

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Well, its been exactly 3 weeks since the GSoC results came out and this is my first update. The Community Bonding Period is on, and i'm doing just that - figuring out how the community works and talking to other people doing audio stuff.

Things i've been working on:

  • XPCOM usage. Read a lot about XPCOM and implemented a dummy component.
  • Learnt about the build system, incremental builds etc. Spent some time getting to know what goes where in the codebase.
  • Went through the XMLHttpRequest implementation.

The first part of the project involves microphone capture and playback. Theres a number of options to persue right now:

  • Use libsydneyaudio - deprecated, playback only.
  • Use kinetik's new callback based library, playback only(for now)
  • Use anant's Rainbow extension code which uses portaudio underneath.

I'm going to stick to using the Rainbow extension for now. Portaudio will probably be swapped with native implementations, but thats for later.

All of next week will be spent trying to get record and playback to work properly.