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Select Mozilla Spaces will have a designated Gear Coordinator who can assist you in obtaining gear.

Appropriate Use for Mozilla Space Gear

  • An unexpected event or opportunity comes up and gear is needed within the week
  • A VIP, speaker, or special guest has stopped by the office and you’d like to give them a VIP package
  • Mozilla space tours
  • Events hosted at Mozilla Spaces
  • Special circumstances (to be evaluated by your coordinator)

Space gear requests must be placed at least 48 hours in advance of when gear is needed.

Please note that due to limited space and stock, requests that would deplete available supplies may not be approved.

How to Request Gear from a Mozilla Space

  1. Determine what gear you want to request. The types of gear can be found here.
  2. File a bug [link to come] to request your gear. Make sure to indicate when you need the gear by.
  3. You will be contacted when the gear is available for pick-up from your Space Coordinator.

Please note: The Space Gear Coordinator will not give out gear unless a bug has been filed and assigned to be filled.

Responsibilities of a Space Gear Coordinator

A Space Gear Coordinator will:

  • Distribute space requests that have been approved by the Gear Team
  • Maintain a specific number of VIP packages within their Space
  • Notify the Gear Team when the gear stock in their Space is running low
  • Communicate directly with the EAs to process executive requests for VIP Packages

A Space Gear Coordinator will NOT:

  • Hand out gear to someone who walks up to their desk and does not file a formal request
  • Give gear out without permission from the Gear Team
  • Answer any email requests for gear
  • Fill large requests that will deplete their Space stock of gear