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Requesting Gear for a Fellow Mozillian

1. Know why you are recognizing your fellow Mozillian. It's great to provide this information directly in the request's comments field. If you want to send Splendidest gear, you will definitely be asked.

2. Not sure what to send? Here are quick links to the approved uses and types of gear available.

3. Have the name and email address of the Mozillian you would like to recognize.

4. Go to the Bugzilla gear request form.

5. When asked to indicate "Purpose of Gear," choose "Mozillian Recognition."

6. Add the item(s) which you would like the Mozillian to receive.

7. If the item you want to send requires size information and you don't have it, check the box next to "This bug needs recipient size information." We will email the recipient to get size information.

8. If you do not have the recipients' shipping information, check the box next to "This bug needs recipient shipping information." We will email the recipient to get shipping information. 

9. Click "Submit Request."

Case Studies: When it is Appropriate to Award Gear

Action being rewarded
Requested gear
Request approved
Recommended gear', if not approved'
A contributor submitted his 10th pull request of the year and I want to reward him.
coffee mug
It falls within the conversion point guidelines set up by the WebDev team

A new contributor created a bugzilla account + submitted 1st patch, and I want to encourage her to keep participating.
Moleskine notebook
Splendidest gear like the Moleskine notebook should be used sparingly to recognize major accomplishments.
badge, sticker, + wristband
A contributor who previously edited 3-4 Knowledge Base (KB) articles a month has started editing 7-10 articles per month over the last three months. I want to recognize his increased efforts.
badge + a baseball cap
According to guidelines set up by SUMO, this contributor has moved from Activity Level #2 to #3, but no rewards have been added. A baseball cap is a great way to recognize someone who has increased their commitment to contributing.

A contributor of over 5 years has completed a project that was expected to take 2 weeks longer. I’d like to say thank you for her effort to above and beyond.
sticker + t-shirt
This contributor has an extended history with Mozilla and has exerted extra effort to help get a project completed early. It is appropriate to offer a higher level of recognition.
Most splendid package, which includes a t-shirt, baseball cap, coffee mug, and drawstring tote bag