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What a Team Gear Coordinator WILL do:

  • First level of approver for any gear requests from their team (approve, deny, adjust order)
  • Keep tabs on their team's yearly gear budget (budget is maintained by the Gear Team, but the Team Gear Coordinator should have a good idea of where they team stands regarding their usage)
  • Work directly with Staples on any custom orders from a team that require more attention/assistance
  • Provide Staples with any design collateral they may need for orders that require 'light' customization
  • Letting their team know when they are close (within $1,000) to running out of their Marketing Gear Budget
  • Ensure that orders for the entire 'team' are comprised of both paid staff and volunteer contributors

What a Team Gear Coordinator will NOT do:

  • Obtain gear for you from the stock within a Mozilla Space (for more information on how to obtain gear from your Mozilla space, please see the 'Mozilla Spaces Gear Reps' tab at the top of this screen)
  • Approve your gear request if it is for a use that is not permitted or aligned with the appropriate uses as outlined on the landing page of this site (or if it excludes volunteer team members)
  • Be responsible for working with Staples on ALL custom orders for their team(s) - they will only be of assistance if extra expertise is needed