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Archival Process

You have likely arrived here by following a link in an archived repository under Mozilla control.

Occasionally GitHub Enterprise (GHE) Admins will audit GitHub organizations (orgs) looking for inactive repositories (repos). Currently, the threshold for inactive repos is April 1 2019.

Part of the archive process will create labels with a link to this page, explaining the change. Archiving the repo will make it read only. Per GitHub best practices, we will be closing all open issues and PRs (after labeling them as having been closed as part of archiving).

Anyone who is subscribed to the repository, or to issues/PRs in the repo, may receive emails due to this archiving activity. In order to limit the impact of email flooding we will be archiving approximately 100 repos per day.

The archiving process is fully reversible. An archived repo that needs to be read-write can be easily un-archived, including restoring the PR's and open issues at the time of archiving. To request a repo to be un-archived, please file a bug at the link below with the repo's name and a brief description of how it is still in use.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to or #github-admin on matrix.