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Hosting a repository in a Mozilla organization, or a Mozilla community organization on GitHub requires compliance with a few guidelines.

Code Of Conduct

As of January 1 2019, Mozilla requires that all GitHub projects include this file in the project root. The file has two parts:

  1. Required Text - All text under the headings Community Participation Guidelines and How to Report, are required, and should not be altered.
  2. Optional Text - The Project Specific Etiquette heading provides a space to speak more specifically about ways people can work effectively and inclusively together. Some examples of those can be found on the Firefox Debugger project, and Common Voice. (The optional part is commented out in the raw template file, and will not be visible until you modify and uncomment that part.)

If you have any questions about this file, or Code of Conduct policies and procedures, please reach out to the Mozilla-GitHub-Standards team (Mozilla-GitHub-Standards At-teken.png

Implementation Notes

  • The current requirements can be met by simply adding a file to the repository.
  • If you're trying to bring an entire organization into compliance, a "bot" will open a PR for you. That bot is Mozilla-GitHub-Standards (source is in this repository). Feel free to fork and run! (i.e. it's not supported or maintained.)
  • For Python projects, Will Kahn-Greene wrote a nice recommendation. Thanks, Will!