Global Health Wellness Initiative

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Global Health and Wellness Initiative

The objective of this project is to design a global health and wellness initiative for Mozilla staff with a target launch date of April 16th, 2014*.

Guiding Principles

  • The new wellness initiative will be global - all Mozilla employees will be eligible irrespective of family size, benefits enrollment and country of employment.
  • The new wellness initiative will not be a cash program.
  • The new wellness initiative will be exclusively aimed at facilitating access to wellness, with an extensive definition of wellness defined by the working group - which will include individuals from across the project, not just the people team.
  • In the design, we will incorporate concerns of ease of administration, acknowledging and learning from the struggles people have experienced with the current program.

Boundaries: Applicable to Mozilla regular employees.


January 2014 - April 2014 (with quarterly review throughout 2014)


People resources as defined by the RASCI model:

  • Responsible: owner of the problem/project
  • Accountable: to whom "R" is Accountable and is the authority who approves to sign off on work before it is effective
  • Supportive: provides resources or plays a supporting role in implementation
  • Consulted: provides information and/or expertise necessary to complete the project
  • Informed: needs to be notified of results but need not necessarily be consulted
Responsible Sylvie Brossard
Accountable Debbie Cohen
Supportive Mardi Douglass (Communications)
Consulted (list of participants within this etherpad).
Informed Steering Committee, Directors, VP's

Milestones/Iterations/Tasks (*timeline subject to change)

  • First two weeks in February: Review and validate suggestions. Confirm they fit within our framework, and classify them by general theme, or type of delivery, etc.
  • By end of February: 100% inspired by the few big categories that emerged from suggestions, create an early model of what our initiative could look like (consider it the Nightly build). Ask for specific, timebound feedback from group.
  • March 15th - 19th: Feedback review + configure v0.2 of the initiative.
  • March 20th - 26th: Share v0.2 with group for review and a short round of feedback.Evaluate cost of the program and create V1.0 of the initiative
  • March 27th - Share v1.0 with all@ + go-live timeline (which may be staggered depending on our ability to get vendor agreements in place).
  • March 27th - April 15th: Work out all of the crazy details including vendor agreements.
  • April 16th - Program live.
  • July / August - Program review (back with this group + anyone new who wants to help) to do an interim check in to see if any adjustments need to be made. Rinse and Repeat.