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Welcome to the Team Content

The Community Marketing team is seeking volunteers to expand the content that appears across our user-facing channels. Our content is planned and created monthly for these Firefox channels:

  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • In-product messaging AKA snippet. This is the message that appears on about:home.
  • Email, the Firefox + You newsletter

With followers, fans and contributors located around the world, our channels are ready to offer more locally-relevant content, but we need your help.

Our immediate content contribution opportunities are below.

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Contact info

This project is led by M.J. Kelly, mjkelly (at)

Content contribution opportunities

Opportunity Description
Submit content ideas Have a content idea? Pitch it to us! We love ideas.
Be a guest blogger on The Den In the future, we'd like to grow the Firefox Den blog, and you have a chance to write posts.
Write content for global holidays Help our team create a list of holidays and celebrations around the world that we can share across social media and snippet.

Submit your content ideas

Digital marketing is successful when creative ideas make it to the list. If you have an idea for online engagement, whether it's one post on social media, a visual for our snippet, an article in our newsletter or something completely different, feel free to share it with our team. We're especially interested in hearing about ideas from outside of the U.S. What do you think would be popular in your locale?

Submit your ideas to this form.

The Den

Later in 2015, we'd like to ramp up posts on The Den, a blog dedicated to Firefox. We will be looking for talented ghost bloggers to write posts on assigned topics. If you have strong writing skills and would like to get involved, sign up for our Team Content mailing list.

Global holidays

To kick things off, we're starting with global holidays and unique celebrations around the world. Each channel has a limited number of markets that can support content:

Facebook: Global in these languages so as to include fans in any country where these languages are spoken: EN, ES-ES, PT-BR, DE, HU, PL, HU, EL, ID, FR

Twitter: EN, ES-ES, PT-BR

Snippet: by these countries: EN-US, DE, FR, RU, ES, ID

The Community Marketing team is looking to create seasonal, localized content around relevant holidays and celebrations. We're looking for moments in time that are:

  1. fun and celebratory,
  2. not controversial or potentially offensive,
  3. secular in nature OR are broadly recognized,
  4. opportunities to delight our users, and
  5. make for good content, visual and written.

Let's start hacking

We've created a very initial start point with a list of holidays organized regionally.

Here's what we need:

1. Review the holiday list

Start by navigating to the regional tab of your locale. The regions are are:

  • U.S. Holiday Hacking Sheet > Most of this is already complete, however if you know of fun days like Pi Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day, and so on that are not listed, please add them. We are especially interested in days that will help us promote products and product features.
  • Europe Holiday Hacking Sheet > Priority countries are: France, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom

2. Strike out any rows that should be eliminated.

This list was a download, and it clearly contains many holidays that should be cut. Have at it!

3. Add holidays that are relevant for your locale.

TIP: Look at the other locale's tabs for ideas. For example, the U.S. tab has been worked on, and you might get some ideas by scrolling through the list.

4. Add more details.

We'd like to understand why the holiday is relevant. What would you recommend we say about it? What would be a good visual?

5. Let us know you contributed.

Record your contributions on this form.