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This is an initial attempt at creating a set of pages for that would explain and promote Mozilla-related grantmaking activities

Overall approach:

  • Clearly position Mozilla grantmaking activities as a complement to other Mozilla-related activities (e.g., software development and marketing) carried out by the various Mozilla organizations and the Mozilla project as a whole.
    • grantmaking as a mechanism to get useful things done that might not get done otherwise
    • grantmaking not an end in and of itself
  • Tie grantmaking to
    • overall Mozilla public benefit mission and Mozilla high-level principles and goals
    • high-level strategies in various areas (e.g., accessibility, education)
  • Emphasize "one Mozilla" aspect of grantmaking activities
    • single message, process
    • doesn't matter which organization signs the check
  • Address different audiences:
    • prospective grantees
    • Mozilla community members (who may also be prospective grantees)
    • general public (including prospective donors and co-funders)
  • Tell an overall story about how Mozilla grantmaking supports the Mozilla mission, and individuals stories about how particular grants have made a difference

Possible content:

  • Overview of grantmaking activities (all audiences)
  • Material for prospective grantees
    • Mozilla grantmaking focus -- what we are likely to fund
    • More detailed criteria -- let prospective grantee know how they need to pitch their proposal
    • stuff we won't generally
    • Process
      • Proposal format
      • How it will be evaluated
      • Contact information -- single point of contact for all queries (
  • Material for general public
    • Overall summaries of grantmaking
      • Total amount of Mozilla grants
      • Key focus areas
    • More in-depth grant reporting
      • "Feature stories" for particular grants
      • Tables of grants (grantees, amounts, dates, description, etc.), sorted using (or sortable by) various criteria
      • Detailed information for each grant, including links to key documents and deliverables where appropriate
  • Material for Mozilla community (including grant evaluators)
      • Same as for general public, with more information where appropriate
      • Include public information about grants currently being considered?
      • Have ways to include community members in evaluation process