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Meeting Details

  • Reminder for David to record video in HD


  • Introductions
  • Note about Vidyo recording being off temporarily
  • Webdev Badge Pilot update (David)
    • Join next Webdev Contribute Group on Monday at 10:30 am pacific to learn more and help with the Webdev badge pilot
  • Other recognition possibilities: Dynamic Mapping Project (Dino)
    • Outline of project here.
    • The challenge: visually represent a contributor's (employee and volunteers) impact on the Project.
    • Here's a visual representation that David Boswell put together.
    • What would an interactive version of the History of Mozilla map look like?
  • update (William R)
    • Sending a survey next week to find out how the site can be more useful for everyone
    • You'll be able to make your profile public soon. We're adding privacy controls to profiles in the next 6 weeks (targeting end of March).
  • Volunteer Work Week Integration Guide
    • Please email Kate (knaszradi@mozilla) if you would like to be interviewed or involved in the construction of the guide.

Action Items and Notes

  • No video of meeting