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Meeting Details


Vidyo recording is currently not available so we can't record this discussion

Please feel free to take notes:

  • Introductions
  • Contribution Funnels
    • Jess wanted to let people know a potential traffic spike is coming this week from Get Involved promotions in the DE, ES, PT, FR, and ID newsletters


  • Community Building Working Groups (David)
    • Created Q2 goals at kick-off meeting of Systems and Data Working Group
      • Establish public criteria for evaluating existing systems (Mike)
      • Select top three priorities for community building functionality needs (Josh)
      • Draft requirements and identify resources for the highest priority need (Pierros/Josh/Rosana/Nukeador/Scott)
      • Start phase 1 of auditing existing systems including People's Onboarding tool (Scott)
    • Anyone interested in driving discussions around other Working Groups for Contribution Funnels, Recognition or Education?
  • Design project for (Carla/Emily/Sunny)
  • Identifying core contributors on (William R)
    • Our directory has 3,300 Mozillians that includes inactive, casual and core contributors. Being able to identify and measure our core contributors will give us a better understanding of who is active.
    • We could use the Summit attendees list (coming soon) as a starting point for core contributors and ask Stewards to help maintain that list on
    • Ideas or feedback about this? Post on the Community Tools forum
  • Contributor names for San Francisco art installation (William R)
    • The Brand team is working on a public art installation that will be displayed in San Francisco starting in a few months. This art piece will include the names of Mozillians.
    • We're planning to email all Mozillians a form where they can opt-in to have their name included in the art installation. We'll also promote this opportunity on other Mozilla channels, like the Monday project meeting, Planet Mozilla, etc. Anyone who is a vouched Mozillian on can participate.
    • More details and information coming soon. Share your feedback with William R

Action Items and Notes