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Meeting Details


Vidyo recording is currently not available so we can't record this discussion

Please feel free to take notes:

  • Introductions
  • FYI: Proposal to add a "mentor" and "mentored bug type" field to Bugzilla (bug 649691)
  • Showing active contributors on
    • Is there value in knowing which Mozillians are active? If so, how do we know who is active and who is a Mozilla Alum?
    • "Last seen" time stamp idea
    • Please continue the discussion on the community-building at mozilla dot org list
    • William R will talk about this more at the next meeting since he's offline today
  • Community building functionality priorities (Josh)
    • Details at
    • Discussion of next steps
      • Jobvite demo of possible contributor tracking tool on May 28 at 10 am pacific
      • Elance demo of possible taskboard tool on May 31st at 9:30 am pacific
      • Auditing status of Events Manager project
      • Documenting best practices from badge pilots
      • More clearly defining scope of dashboard and volunteer management needs

Action Items and Notes

  • David to follow up with William R about discussion with identifying active contributors on Mozillians since he wasn't able to attend meeting and Liz to look into making BZ activity info available when profiles are live and after security review.
  • Pierros to follow up with Ali about Events Manager plan and will report back. Systems and Data working group to work through open questions with next steps and will report back to the larger group.
  • William Q to follow up with Michelle Thorne about options for community builders to attend the Mozilla Festival. Brian King to provide Firefox OS launch information where available so we can avoid conflicts with schedule for the next meetup.