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Meeting Details

Note: The video and audio dial-in information has changed from previous meetings.


  • Introductions
  • Mozilla Spaces discussion
    • How can we have a way to promote upcoming events at Spaces so people can learn about them?
    • How can we integrate with Air Mozilla? For instance, should we create a best practice where any event at a Space is broadcast over Air Mozilla?
    • Is there a phase 2 planned for the Spaces web site and how would you like to see that expand?
    • Is there a way for Spaces users to coordinate with facilities? Example of Janet using the SF space for an event and the A/C was off.
  • Orientation update
  • Coordinating events efforts

Action Items and Notes

Notes at

  • Amie to send out information about new Spaces information when it is on wiki and David and Amie to talk about putting together a call for becoming Steward for specific Mozilla Spaces.
  • Mary to discuss LEAD at next session.
  • Amie and Stephanie to post more about orientation project and how volunteers can use it as a resource and help develop relevant content.
  • Anyone interested in taking part in a localized Get Involved page can contact David. Havi and David to talk about driving a Portuguese localization.
  • Anyone with suggestions for content and speakers for Mozilla Food For Thought can contact Dave Berz.