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Meeting Details


Please feel free to take notes:

  • Introductions from new people
  • Working Group lightning updates (Christie)
  • Draft Q3 goals (David)
    • Grow the number of active contributors in the Mozilla community to 10,000
    • Increase our contribution metrics by integrating at least four more existing contribution systems into the dashboard
    • Create and launch an internal marketing campaign about the Contribution Lifecycle to showcase momentum and model growth activities
    • Provide training and toolkits to better equip volunteer contributors to recruit others into key participation pathways at a v2 MozCamp
    • Launch the redesigned “Get Involved” page and measure conversion rate of people who become active contributors
    • Issue badges in 4 of the high growth contribution pathways
  • Volunteer agreement (David)
    • We moved the discussion to the Governance list and have had some feedback there
    • We took another pass at the text to address the issues about how the tone was not very welcoming and the goal of the document wasn't clear
    • Latest text
  • --New Topic-- (Presenter)
    • Estimated length:
    • Relevant links:

Action Items and Notes