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Meeting Details


Please feel free to take notes:

  • Introductions
  • Festival debrief (William)
  • Community definitions
    • Current set of definitions
    • Summit session summary seems to be pointing at three criteria: belief in mission, action to support it, interaction with other community members
    • Suggestions for updates
      • Mozillians: Core, active and casual contributors who identify with Mozilla's principles and take action to advance the Mozilla project and its mission.
      • Core contributor: Someone (staff member, volunteer, partner, etc.) who has a leadership or ownership position in one or more Mozilla project areas.
      • Active contributor: Someone who has given substantial time, expertise and capabilities to a Mozilla activity that involves collaboration with others within the last 12 months.
      • Casual contributor: Someone who has volunteered occasional amounts of time, expertise or talent in an activity or function that involves interaction with other community members.
      • Supporter: Someone who believes in our products and mission and has taken action but has not interacted with other community members.
      • User: Someone who chooses to use Mozilla products but may not be aware of Mozilla's mission or that there are volunteer opportunities they could get involved with.
  • Spotlighting new volunteers
    • Introducing New Volunteers section now on All Hands agenda for every Monday
    • How would we want to make use of this?
    • Do we want to provide a guide or suggestions for others on how to use this?
  • Next Community Builders meetup
    • 70 people interested / only enough space for around 40ish
    • Suggestions for criteria for acceptance
      • Either staff or volunteer has been actively involved in a working group since the last meetup
      • Or staff or volunteer had been actively involved in a previous community builders meetup
  • Community building workshops
    • Benjamin Kerensa to deliver workshop in Portland office on November 8
    • Emma Irwin looking to deliver workshop in Vancouver office later in November
  • Systems
    • Does anything from discussions at Summit need to be reflected in our plans for next steps?
    • Q4 goals from Systems and Data Working Group
      • Find owner(s) and resources for top three community building functionality needs (David/Justin)
      • Integrate Blackhole with two new sources of data (Pierros/Jdm)
      • Resolve decision about software to use for matching services and volunteer management systems (Josh)
  • Get Involved page
    • There's an opportunity to revisit the page since it contains 15 years of Mozilla content that will be out of date early next year
    • Is this an opportunity for a Pathways Working Group?

Action Items and Notes