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Who are we?

The growth team is a group of Mozillians who evaluate the current state of Firefox's user experiences, develop hypotheses, and execute on scientific test plans to determine if possible quantitative opportunities lead to positive growth of Firefox's active user base. We have core members who lead specific focus areas and then supporting cross-functional members who bring insights and expertise on all experiences across Firefox desktop and mobile. We also work with user research teams to perform qualitative research to help better understand the "why" in user behaviors and provide balance to the the quantitative insights.

Focus areas

We are focused on the 5 growth metrics across Firefox desktop, mobile, services and apps.

  • Acquisition (acquiring new users)
  • Activation (having a great initial user experiences)
  • Retention (users staying engaged and happy over time)
  • Referral (happy users telling non users to try Firefox)
  • Revenue (sustainability and diversification)

What we do

  • Analyze web and product metrics and analytics to uncover new insights.
  • Develop hypotheses potential opportunities on any of the 5 growth metrics
  • Develop test plans & create prototypes to upcoming experiments
  • Run scientific tests & analyze results
  • Apply learnings to user experiences and future engineering roadmaps
  • Share learnings and work cross-functional on prioritization and process