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Quick Overview

  • Name of the game: HTML5 Demo
  • Hosted location
  • Tutorial available here
  • Team name: Team Tom (Tom Speller)
  • Further notes: the demo seems to perform much better in Firefox than in Chrome/Chromium, although the final stage currently crashes regardless (Safari is not currently supported).

Tom's notes

My game is more a set of experiments that I constructed (using video tags, canvas and WebGL via GLGE) into a very simple game. It's intended to show some of the features I found particularly interesting in my learning process. No instructions are really necessary as long as the game loads properly.

Main features(by level)

  • Level 1: Character is playable with arrow keys. Only the yellow flower can be captured. You can move the "H" and the "5" of HTML5 anywhere in the page (hint: useful tool to grab that yellow flower!).
  • Level 2 // The movie can be manipulated by clicking the mouse in the gray canvas area and pressing the spacebar to switch video blocks.
  • Level 3 (Uses WebGL)
  • Level 4 (Uses WebGL)

Some screenshots of the game:

alt text
Level 1
alt text
alt text
alt text