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GDC (March 5-9)

  • Game Developers Conference
  • The main North American conference on game development
  • GDC Website

E3 (June 5-7)

  • The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)
  • This is the key north conference for game publishers and distributors
  • Primary value, everyone shows up, awesome time for networking, meeting must be arranged considerably in advance
  • E3 Website

FITC Toronto (April 23-25)

  • Contact: Shawn Pucknell, Director (
  • Speaking slot has been put aside for someone from Mozilla
  • Followup promised in the new year
  • They would also like to talk to us about sponsor ship
  • Shawn also wants to start using our community space for his monthly user group meetings
  • FITC Website

Interative Ontario / CIAC

  • Talk to Ian Kelso about his conferences
  • They are small, but local and easy

A few international conferences

  • GDC Europe (Cologne)
  • GDC China (Shanghai)
  • Nordic Game 2012 (in Sweden)
  • Develop 2012 (Brighton, UK)
  • onGameStart 2012 (Warsaw, Poland) -