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In order to convince the best talent (indy, industry or otherwise), they will need to be confident that the platform can support their investment and be inspired by the potential. As we provide more graphics and general processing power, HTML5 will increase the potential range of products that can be supported. The following chart shows the different types of product that will likely emerge as we improve the number of computations that can be done in the 15sec game loop.

TODO: This is still a work in progress and only about 50% complete.

HTML5 Games Product Characteristics.jpg
  • The green represents a special category of early adopters that are willing to contribute while full support for games is still in its infancy
  • Moving from bottom up, the colors represent the computational efficiency required by these different game types (yellow is low and red is high)
  • The increasing width indicates the budget sizes and technical challenge involved in developing the product.
  • The text offers a description of what types of games we will likely see as we cross the different thresholds.
  • To test and prove the capability of the platform as we pass each threshold (grey lines) we should seek out and assist high quality early adopters.

Where are we at now?

HTML5 Games 2011.jpg
  • 2D social games starting to emerge such as SkyscrapperCity.
  • We are seeing casual game attempts such as Angry Birds
  • We are seeing early attempts at 3D product but nothing substantial yet
  • Currently Firefox has several performance issues that are causing pain for these developers
  • There are several issues that are really holding back 3D development such as 3D positional audio
  • There is also general concern around media asset loading and unloading that we need to investigate further
  • Fennec is unknown at the moment until
    • We won't have a clear idea of what it support until the new Native UI ships or we get a stable beta that we can run some tests on.