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On Nov 25, 2014 - Hacks.mozilla.org was migrated off of a standalone blog and onto the Blog.mozilla.org platform. As a result of this work, there are some planned changed to logins that will impact most of the users. This page covers in detail what is required for each user type to get back up and running.

If your Hacks Email is the SAME as your Mozilla LDAP email address, you can now use LDAP to login. Your login will be:

  • Username: <ldap email>
  • Password: <ldap password>

Important: if you're using a Mozilla email as your Wordpress email, but it is NOT your LDAP email, you will not be using LDAP login. See the next section for your login details...

During the hacks migration, we were not able to migrate user password because they were encrypted in the database (with a different salt string that the blog platform we migrated to). As a result, all passwords need to be reset. The following steps outline how to do this:

User password reset:

Note: password resets are NOT required if you're using your LDAP credentials to login.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Authors - once you're logged back in to wp-admin:

  • Check your User Profile and your past posts. In some cases, User roles have changed in the migration, and we may need to reset your permissions. Ping havi@ by email or havi on IRC and I will make it right.
  • Check past posts you've authored to make sure you're still attributed correctly. Happy to fix these as well.
  • Check the images in past posts you've authored. We may need to re-upload or adjust the image setting.
  • Ping me if you have any new posts up your sleeve. Thanks!