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This is a very useful extension to Mediawiki that queries Bugzilla and can display information as a table or a bar/pie chart.

As a reference, here are the bz_api fields you may be able to use with the mediawiki-bugzilla extension:

Please add code samples and any additional tips on usage here!

Note: be cautious using the "Preview" mode of the wiki page editor. In the preview context, all matches are returned in a simple table. The fancy chunked display is only available using the "Show Preview" button outside of the editor.

How to Use

You use this extension in this way:

    (JSON REST API query key/value pairs)

An example:

        "product": "Bugzilla",

Example that gathers all the bugs that block a particular bug:


For more details on how to query in various ways, see the documentation for the Bugzilla BzAPI REST API.

Note that the tag name defaults to "bugzilla" but is configurable.

There is also exploratory support for charting. Here are some examples:

<bugzilla type="count" display="bar">
        "product":      "Bugzilla",
        "priority":     "P1",
        "x_axis_field": "severity"

This example uses date ranges and returns bugs from multiple products:

<bugzilla type="count" display="bar">
        "product":      ["Core","Calendar","Toolkit","Firefox"],
        "changed_after": "2000-01-01",
        "changed_before": "2013-02-01",
         "whiteboard":     "[good first bug]",
        "x_axis_field": "product"

This example uses date ranges to retrieve the bugs from multiple products with a specific resolution and where the status is the field changed during the date range selected:

<bugzilla type="count" display="bar">
        "product":  ["Core","Calendar","Toolkit","Firefox",  "Thunderbird"],
        "whiteboard":     "[good first bug]", 
        "changed_after": "2013-07-01",
        "changed_before": "2013-08-01",
        "changed_field": "status",
        "changed_field_to": ["RESOLVED"],
         "resolution": ["FIXED", "INVALID", "WONTFIX", "DUPLICATE", "WORKSFORME", "INCOMPLETE"],  
        "x_axis_field": "product"

Complex queries

If you have a bugzilla query with f1, o1, and v1 parameters you can make a mediawiki-bugzilla chart with those parameters. So if you have field 1, with operator 1 and value 1, they go together; so you can put f2, o2, v2 and so on into your wiki chart. You can further connect two such queries by starting out your query with f1=OP and j1=OR to have a higher level operator such as AND and OR.

To figure out a complex query, try building the query in bugzilla first, then copy the url and paste it somewhere that you can split it up, parse it, and pull out the elements you need like nosubstr or anywordssubstr. The url should have all the clues you need to construct your mediawiki query.

Full Query
ID Summary Status Qa contact Whiteboard Qa whiteboard
433788 Crash in [@ nsAutoCompleteController::ClosePopup] due to re-entrancy RESOLVED [ccbr] [qa-]
612453 Provide search suggestions on Firefox Start Page (about:home) VERIFIED Petruta Horea [:phorea], Desktop QA (back on May 31) [target-betaN][about-home] [qa!]
693808 Entering numbers or single words and then pressing Enter in the location bar should bring search results VERIFIED Andrei Vaida [:avaida] [qa!]
854925 Remove SetCharsetForURI and GetCharsetForURI from nsINavHistoryService RESOLVED [lang=cpp][good first bug] [qa-]
952224 [Session Restore] Remove calls to |_ensureInitialized()| and no longer throw a "Session Store is not initialized." error RESOLVED [good first bug][lang=js] [qa-]
953158 Menu buttons not hiding the corresponding menu when clicking around the icon VERIFIED Petruta Horea [:phorea], Desktop QA (back on May 31) [Australis:P3-] [qa!]
959582 Refactor the search URL provider for the location bar RESOLVED [search] [qa-]
987230 Clicking the green text on the EV indicator a second time doesn't dismiss the EV information VERIFIED Petruta Horea [:phorea], Desktop QA (back on May 31) [Australis:P-] [qa!]
997970 add search suggest to Amazon for en-US VERIFIED Petruta Horea [:phorea], Desktop QA (back on May 31) [qa!]
1007979 refactor nsSearchSuggestions to use a reusable JSM VERIFIED Petruta Horea [:phorea], Desktop QA (back on May 31) [qa!]
1008201 Need to have (new?) Loop toolbar icon styled & correctly displayed in all places VERIFIED Paul Silaghi, QA [:pauly] No cf_qa_whiteboard
1008935 Loop desktop UI needs to handle different aspect ratios better RESOLVED u279076 [p=1, investigation] No cf_qa_whiteboard
1009812 New error page is poor color contrast. VERIFIED [SV Manager] Florin Mezei, QA (:FlorinMezei) No cf_qa_whiteboard
1009909 Firefox desktop: Integrate the openh264 media plugin in the add-ons manager VERIFIED Ada [:adalucinet] [qa!]
1012912 mac: killing plugin-container with SIGABRT doesn't trigger the crash reporter RESOLVED breakpad-upstream [qa-]
1013264 [UX] Spec for using Australis button styling for bookmarks toolbar items RESOLVED [ux] [qa-]
1016405 Update the icons in the context menu to have the correct size, HiDPI, and inverted variants VERIFIED Cornel Ionce [:noni] [Hubs QA] [qa!]
1017053 [UX] Enable search in in-content preferences RESOLVED [ux] [qa-]
1018200 Run an experiment in 32 beta to determine the best value for dom.ipc.plugins.unloadTimeoutSecs VERIFIED Kamil Jozwiak [:kjozwiak] [qa!]
1018405 The "Manage" button is too close to the Firefox Account name in the Sync pane of the in-content preferences RESOLVED [lang=xul] [qa-]
1020253 Standalone UI for link clickers needs to help users grant access to microphone/camera when applicable RESOLVED u279076 No cf_qa_whiteboard
1021172 Electrolysis (e10s) support for requestAutocomplete RESOLVED [qa-]
1022064 Create privileged API for launching a FxA Oauth flow RESOLVED Jason Smith [:jsmith] [fxa] [qa-]
1023304 Make it possible to auto-add new built-in widgets to already customized areas VERIFIED [qa-]
1023862 Electrolysis (e10s) support for the requestAutocomplete testing framework RESOLVED [qa-]
1024073 Roblox Plugin launcher is not whitelisted, hampering user experience VERIFIED Bogdan Maris, Desktop QA application complete - accepted [qa!]
1024965 Plugin whitelist request: Nexus Personal (not the same as BankID) VERIFIED Bogdan Maris, Desktop QA application complete - accepted [qa!]
1027181 Intermittent browser_946320_tabs_from_other_computers.js | Uncaught exception - Subview (PanelUI-history) did not show within 20 seconds. RESOLVED [qa-]
1028985 Provide search suggestions on Firefox new tab page (about:newtab) VERIFIED Petruta Horea [:phorea], Desktop QA (back on May 31) [qa!]
1029654 Request for whitelisting Box Edit plugin VERIFIED Bogdan Maris, Desktop QA application complete - accepted [qa!]
1029725 breakdown: implement prompting API for search engine changes RESOLVED [qa-]
1032139 Make the 'Translations by' string localizable VERIFIED Bogdan Maris, Desktop QA [qa!]
1033482 Allow global notification bars to be displayed at the top of the window RESOLVED [qa-]
1035586 allow snippets in about:home to highlight sync in the firefox menu RESOLVED [qa-]
1035625 Support "resizable" in-content preference subdialogs VERIFIED Camelia Badau [:cbadau], Desktop QA [qa!]
1035902 Breakdown: Color search string black in URL bar on search results pages RESOLVED [search] [qa-] No cf_qa_whiteboard
1036036 Intermittent browser_bootstrapped_custom_toolbar.js | leaked 1 docShell(s) until shutdown RESOLVED [qa-]
1036195 Breakdown: Desktop client needs ability to unblock a contact RESOLVED u279076 No cf_qa_whiteboard
1036284 Update styling of newtab tiles to enhanced tiles spec VERIFIED Cornel Ionce [:noni] [Hubs QA] [qa!]
1036299 Show enhanced content image when the tile is unhovered VERIFIED Cornel Ionce [:noni] [Hubs QA] [qa!]
1037111 [UX] Define interaction when searching through Loop contacts list RESOLVED [ux] No cf_qa_whiteboard
1037341 Update pin and block with new icons VERIFIED Cornel Ionce [:noni] [Hubs QA] [qa!]
1037405 implement the screen/window sharing doorhangers VERIFIED Bogdan Maris, Desktop QA [qa!]
1037408 implement the global getUserMedia indicator VERIFIED Bogdan Maris, Desktop QA [qa!]
1037415 remove existing webrtc indicator in the browser toolbar VERIFIED Cornel Ionce [:noni] [Hubs QA] [qa!]
1037418 [UX] provide new icons for screensharing UI RESOLVED Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] [ux] [qa-]
1037430 implement webrtc global indicator in the Mac menubar VERIFIED Bogdan Maris, Desktop QA [qa!]
1038174 Race condition setting experiment branch while a write is pending RESOLVED Kamil Jozwiak [:kjozwiak] No cf_qa_whiteboard
1038225 Define how to map search URLs to terms and engine name RESOLVED [qa-]
1038239 [UX] Icon for past search results in location bar RESOLVED [ux] [qa-]
1038648 Ensure exposed objects are immutable to prevent abuse by others RESOLVED u279076 No cf_qa_whiteboard
1039226 Trigger explicit OpenH264 updates from OpenH264Provider VERIFIED Ada [:adalucinet] [qa!]
1039506 tabbrowser's _getTabForContentWindow is very slow with lots of tabs RESOLVED [qa-]
1039904 Changing the URL in a pinned tab opens new tab instead VERIFIED Andrei Vaida [:avaida] [qa!]
1040048 Register the OpenH264 plugin from the OpenH264Provider on startup VERIFIED Ada [:adalucinet] [qa!]
1040335 Flip Unified Autocomplete pref once we merge to 34. VERIFIED Andrei Vaida [:avaida] [qa!]
1040392 [UX] Design Spike: Make it easier to change a search query RESOLVED [ux] [qa-]
1040721 Add ability to parse search result URLs RESOLVED [qa-]
1040761 Re-add state info for async shutdown blocker in Experiments.jsm RESOLVED [diamond][lang=js] [qa-]
1040810 WebRTC sharing indicator on the toolbar doesn't get the right image region applied (except for hi-DPI OS X) VERIFIED Bogdan Maris, Desktop QA [qa!]
1040937 Open H264 plugin stuck in disabled state after download VERIFIED Ada [:adalucinet] [qa!]
1040941 Non-functional "preference" button for Open H264 plugin (depending on state) VERIFIED Ada [:adalucinet] [qa!]
1041080 Fix OpenH264Provider path registration, default enabled state and logging VERIFIED Ada [:adalucinet] [qa!]
1041121 Stop icon in context menu does not have inverted variant VERIFIED Cornel Ionce [:noni] [Hubs QA] fixed by bug 1041969 [qa!]
1041226 GMPChild should finish IPC setup before calling Crashreporter IPC method RESOLVED Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] [qa-]
1041525 Possible deadlock in Crashreporter::OOPInit() from GMP plugin initialization VERIFIED Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] [qa-]
1041534 Refactor search tests to remove some code duplication RESOLVED [qa-]
1041598 QA experiment for Vi/Tr/Po translation trial on beta VERIFIED Kamil Jozwiak [:kjozwiak] [qa!]
1041663 handle dragging the global webrtc sharing indicator VERIFIED Bogdan Maris, Desktop QA [qa!]
1041736 [UX] Visual design for Awesome Bar layout cleanup RESOLVED [ux] [qa-]
1041748 Breakdown: Implement UI for tracking protection RESOLVED [qa-]
1041843 Add telemetry to measure favicon file sizes in use on the web RESOLVED [qa-]
1041969 Disabled icons in context menu are invisible if hovered in High Contrast White theme VERIFIED [SV Manager] Florin Mezei, QA (:FlorinMezei) [qa!]
1042089 Remove dead CSS rules from browser.css RESOLVED [qa-]
1042092 Write test for consumeanchor RESOLVED [qa-]
1042100 Write test for auto-adding 'default' widgets to current area placements even post-customization RESOLVED [qa-]
1042300 In-content prefs should be nightly-only until ready VERIFIED Camelia Badau [:cbadau], Desktop QA [qa!]
1042376 Breakdown - Desktop Client needs ability to authenticate via FxA to the server RESOLVED [p=2, fxa][first release needed][qa-] No cf_qa_whiteboard
1042625 Page should be drawn in accordance with the high contrast themes VERIFIED [SV Manager] Florin Mezei, QA (:FlorinMezei) [qa!]
1043399 Red and italic font used for newtab tiles' titles looks rather cheap VERIFIED Cornel Ionce [:noni] [Hubs QA] [qa!]
1043505 White list about:home for Firefox Accounts landing page VERIFIED Andrei Vaida [:avaida] [fixed by bug 1035586] [qa!]
1043531 OpenH264 crash reporting notification not shown VERIFIED u279076 [qa!]
1043942 UnifiedComplete disables inline autocomplete if urlbar behavior is not the default RESOLVED [qa-]
1045500 Crash reporter notification cuts off OpenH264 plugin name VERIFIED u279076 [qa!]
1046062 unified version of test_swap_protocol.js is disabled without a reason RESOLVED [qa-]
1046142 Empty language to translate to drop down on localized builds VERIFIED Bogdan Maris, Desktop QA [qa!]
1046910 TypeError: this._experiments is null at Experiments.Experiments.prototype._getState@resource://app/modules/experiments/Experiments.jsm:507:7 RESOLVED [qa-]
1060896 Crash [@ mozilla::layers::ImageContainer::CreateImage(mozilla::ImageFormat) ] RESOLVED [bugday-20140901]
1068704 Login Selenium Problem RESOLVED No cf_qa_whiteboard
1085064 fire fox not working properly RESOLVED No cf_qa_whiteboard
1090778 search RESOLVED No cf_qa_whiteboard
1091266 ooschai - fonibar - 102914 - restaurar no adapta pantalla correctamente RESOLVED No cf_qa_whiteboard
1091272 ooschai - fonibar - 102914 - barra desplazable de mensajes RESOLVED No cf_qa_whiteboard
1091276 ooschai-fonivar 10292014- The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. RESOLVED No cf_qa_whiteboard
1097647 image could not be displayed in the web pages RESOLVED No cf_qa_whiteboard
1105157 abcd RESOLVED No cf_qa_whiteboard
1105352 page eror 404 RESOLVED No cf_qa_whiteboard

97 Total; 0 Open (0%); 52 Resolved (53.61%); 45 Verified (46.39%);

Code repo

The mediawiki-bugzilla extension code is here:


  • If you get a query error, try checking the last parameter in your list; make sure that line doesn't end with a comma.