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Below is some helpful information on how to use the Import from Etherpad extension. Please report any issues on Github. If you have questions not answered below, feel free to ask the developer (ckoehler) via irc or email.

What is Special:ImportFromEtherpad?

Special:ImportFromEtherpad is a special page extension that enables wiki users to create pages from etherpads. The extension attempts to preserve the formatting of the etherpad while creating the cleanest and simplest wiki markup possible. In some cases this means that the wiki page produced will not look exactly like the source etherpad, but should be readable as-is and easy to clean up.

What versions of Etherpad does Special:ImportFromEtherpad support?

Special:ImportFromEtherpad attempts to support all versions of etherpad that support either html or mediawiki export, including Etherpad classic (used by, as well as Etherpad lite (used by,, etc.).

In order to successfully import a pad, it must be publicly available.

How do I use Special:ImportFromEtherpad

To use Special:ImportFromEtherpad, navigate directly to that special page, type "Special:ImportFromEtherpad" into the search bar, or find the "Import an etherpad" option in the tools menu:

MozillaWiki - tools menu.png

On MozillaWiki, you must be logged in and have the ability to edit pages in order to see the page.

The page looks like this:

Import From Etherpad - Step 1.png

Once on the page, enter the link to the etherpad (with http or https) as well as the name of the wiki page you would like to create or update:

Import From Etherpad - Step 2.png

Click Import and your page will be imported.

If your target wiki page already exists, you will be prompted to replace it or to append the etherpad's content to it. Select whichever is most appropriate for your use case:

Import From Etherpad - Step 3a.png

If the import is successful, you will see a message like this one:

Import From Etherpad - Step 3.png

Otherwise you will see an error message.

How can I get help and/or report issues with Special:ImportFromEtherpad?

You can ask for help in #wiki, contact the developer directly, or file issues on github.

How can I format my etherpad for best results when importing to the wiki?

In our experience, the best way to format your etherpad for best results when importing into the wiki is to use a mix of built-in etherpad formatting and wiki markup.

Use etherpad's formatting for:

  • bold, italic, strike-through and underline
  • unordered lists
  • ordered lists

Use mediawiki syntax for:

  • headings (enclose headings in pairs of ==,===,==== depending on the heading level you want)
  • paragraphs (separate paragraphs with TWO newlines)

Look at this example etherpad for inspiration.


  • Underline is not currently supported by the importer. (See #Known issues.)
  • Mediawiki ignores single new lines between paragraphs, so in etherpad if you separate your paragraphs by only one new line, they will render as one paragraph on the imported page. We're still debating if this is the best behavior, so if you have an opinion, please comment on the issue.

Known issues

You can find a complete list of open issues on Github.

  1. underline is not supported (issue)
  2. experimental etherpad images will not import (they are not exported from etherpad lite)
  3. Links formatted with wiki syntax are not supported. Use absolute urls instead.