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Having difficulty setting up a email account in Thunderbird. The secondary account is working fine, but when I try to download mail into the primary account...

(1) It says "Host contacted, sending login information"

(2) but does not proceed to the next step... Meaning, it does not say... "There are no new messages on the server"...

(3) Well, in truth I know there ARE messages on the server because I sent a couple of test documents, but they won't download.

(4) Please note, I have compared the account settings for both accounts, and they are identical... I have double checked the password.

(5) Why can't I get mail into this inbox?

Picasa and Eudora 8.0

How do I get Eudora 8.0 to be able to act as the default email program for Picasa? I currently get a message from Picasa that either there is no default email program, or it is not able to handle the request. Eudora 8.0 is currently the default email program.

Feature request

One great feature that could be added to firefox: To save a session under a name. If one browses the internet on some cooking recipes, for example, and had opened up several tabs. If he suddenly got a call from his office to search for a song. All he needs to do is save his session under a particular name, where firefox should remember the tabs opened. He can open the file via firefox anytime when he wishes to resume the session. I request for this feature in spite of the feature of "Multiple profiles" possible in firefox, because: Profiles need to be used if the person needs an entirely different browsing environment, for eg: the installed user-level add-ons. Whereas, saving a session under a filename and enabling resume by opening it, will MERELY OPEN UP THE TABS which were opened, the way how firefox restores sessions in current releases if entire browser is attempted to be closed with multiple tabs opened.


  • Firefox should guess the file name to be saved as, based on profile name/date+time.
  • User should be prompted to use this feature: to save session by a filename, by DEFAULT, when he attempts close the browser.
  • Firefox should monitor and record the user's browsing behaviour. If the user tends to quit firefox very ocassionally, in such case, fuzzy names should be presented to the user by default, for saving the session. Eg: "Monday evening". If user tends to quit firefox too frequently, more precise names shall be presented, based on System Date and Time.
  • Of course, the above bullets are suggestions on how firefox should present the user, the default saving name. The user SHOULD have FULL freedom to type and choose his own name for saving the session.
  • Animated zoomed previews of tabs shall be presented to the user, when the user tries to "load" a saved session.