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Firefox Student Ambassador Event Report

Event Name

Mozilla Webmaker Party #2 at HCOE,2015

Event Description/Details

As Worldwide webmaker event was closing in,we ,FSAs from Himalaya Mozilla held a session on webmaker introducing students from first and second year to webmaker tools and openweb.

We surfacely introduced the tools and mostly sticked to x-ray goggles and thimble.Shashi khanal and Nishan Bajracharya taught the attendees the basics on website design using html and css.

Shashi khanal also introduced the attendees to Openweb and net neutrality!

We also had speaker from Mozilla Nepal,Surit Aryal who shared Mozilla's missions to the students and how they can contribute to make the web we all love,open and yet safe!

Along came the firefox goodies.Everyone got their share of firefox and webmaker stickers as a reminder of the event.

Name of Firefox Club or Ambassador who helped host the event

HCOE Developers' Circle (Himalaya Mozilla)

FSA Shashi Khanal

FSA Nootan Ghimire

FSA Kuber Sodari

FSA Sidharth Bhandari (Rubin)


Were you partnering with Mozilla Reps for this event (yes/no)?


Event Date and Time (please feature in UTC)

thursday 09/07/2015 (2:00 Pm UTC)

Where was this event?

Region (Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, South America, or other)


Event Venue

Himalaya College Of Engineering

Event City


Event Country


How did people Join the Event

College Student

The event targetted freshers in college to gain basic ideas on how the web works.