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Hive Global Community Call


What are they?

These calls are held once a month and are a great opportunity to connect with other cities from around the world who are also in the process of bringing the Hive to their hometowns. Each call is comprised of updates from the Hive Global team and an update from a city on their process of getting community support, working with potential members and other relevant topics. An exciting element of the call is hearing from a member on why they have chosen to be a part of the collaborative Hive community in their city. It is a great opportunity to raise any questions, issues or concerns you or your team may have in your work to bring the Hive to your city.

Each call is approximately one hour and the Hive Global team encourages you to ask questions and engage with each other via the etherpad that is circulated before hand.

Standard Call Format:

  • 5-10 Minutes: Welcome, introductions and mad-lib question of the month
  • 15-30 Minutes: Updates from 1-2 Hive teams who are working to bring the model to their city
  • 10 Minutes: A member from an established Hive will share their stories about their current work with their Hive
  • 10 Minutes: The Hive Global team will provide updates and provide wrap up information

How to get involved

These calls are open to everyone and we encourage you to join in on the discussion, ask questions or advice and come together to learn and share ideas about bringing the Hive to your city and building an environment where your community partners will want to contribute and collaborate.

An invite to the call is sent out a week in advance by the Hive Learning Networks project manager. If you have never attended a call, please contact Simona Ramkisson at

Time: All calls are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 12 pm ET. We understand that this may be a later call for you depending on where you are located and currently looking for opportunities to address the needs for those communities who may not be able to make it to the call due to timing.


Since January 2015, all calls are recorded and sent out after the call to all attendees. Our next call is on March 19, 2015 at 12 pm ET

February 2015


January 2015:


  • Sean Yo, Hive Waterloo
  • Kristin Bayans, Portland Art Museum and Hive Cascadia
  • Justin Hoenke, Chattanooga Public Library and Hive Chattanooga