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QA Plans
Concept 2011-07-01 Thomas Arend


Define how to test new "Home" features


  • QA: Naoki Hirata, Tony Chung

Release Requirements

Next Steps

Open Issues

Related Bugs & Dependencies


Test Plans

Since Firefox Home is only a pull, there will be no syncing back to the cloud functionality in this build.

Test Environment Plan

  • Devices
    • iphone 3GS
    • iPhone 3G
    • iTouch 3rd gen
    • iPad
    • Firefox 3.x, 4.x
  • OS
    • iOS3.1.x
    • iOS4
  • Environments
    • 3G connection/Wifi connection/ Toggling on and off
    • Third Party Servers
    • Web Filters?
    • Proxy Servers
  • Test bed:

Automation Plans

  • Selenium 2
    • Use of Page Objects Object Oriented Design

Test Outline

  • Architecture
    • Multiple devices using same account
      • adding web sites (from firefox) while using home
      • deleting web sites (from firefox) while using home
      • duplication of web sites
      • timing of upload of sync data/data lock (from firefox)
  • Crypto
    • Check to make sure clear text is not used/Packet snoop
    • Check for max crypto length/buffer overflow
    • Check for Special character use (double byte, RTL, high ascii/euro)
  • Application
    • Login Page
      • Login Success:
        • Account Type A
        • Account Type B
      • Login Failure:
        • Account Name not found
        • Password incorrect
        • Account Name too long?
      • Other Types Tests:
        • Special Characters: Asian (double byte characters), High Ascii, Symbols
    • Home Page
      • WebPage Listings
        • 0, 1, more
        • Max number
        • Duplications of web sites
      • Sync Pages
        • Deletion of Page
        • Multidevice Sync
        • Refresh
      • WebPage Specific
        • Notifications
        • Go to Page
          • Nonlogin for other page
          • login for other page
          • WebPage Failures
          • Certifications
          • Permissions
        • Order
        • Icon
        • Title
        • MiniPicture
        • Size
      • Search
        • 0, 1, or more items found
        • Special characters (double byte, high ascii, numbers, symbols)


       On firstrun,
           First time sync instructions page appears with 2 buttons (have an account, need instructions)
           If have an account, go directly to Login page
           If need instructions, go directly to page and enter in email address. An email should be sent to the address. 
       Log in user/ password/ secret phrase
           Check for proper error messaging if incorrect (in order) 
       Change credentials on desktop client, and re-login with new creds
       Log out via Settings > Wipe
       Landscape / portrait orientation
       Use FF Home with other Apps running (eg. play music, game notifications alerts)
       Exiting FF Home will not sign user out of account. Relaunch application, and verify data from previous sync still exists
       Delete and Remove FF Home by removing from iphone via the X, or removing from itunes. Verify warning appears that all local stored data is also removed. 
   Syncing Functionality
       Always syncs bookmarks, tabs, and history. No ability to select 1 or 2.
       Test sync always pulls a fresh sync when the App is reopened (see throbber)
       Display of Tabs, Bookmarks, and History includes page title in bold and font size 10, and url underneath in gray with font size 8.
           If page is untitled, only url is shown 
       Splash page shows the Firefox Home logo
       Search bar implements awesomebar behavior in that it searches as you type
       Searching.. throbber in the upper right hand corner
       Q: How does the sort order work?
       If no items found, "Searching..." text becomes "No Matches"
       Bookmarks items displayed first, then history items
       Clicking the bookmark will open the url in the FF Home browser window 
   Browser Tabs
       Check Browser Tabs matches the open tabs from the desktop client
       Check the favicon is a black tab with an "x" in it
       http, https, ftp protocols are supported. (others aren't like about:, chrome:) 
       Check Bookmark list matches what's in your bookmark organizer
       Folder order starts with Bookmarks Toolbar, Bookmarks Menu, then Unsorted Bookmarks
       Verify the heading order will change when scrolling through the list
       Subfolder hierarchy is supported if bookmarks exist there. Page Title and button gets updated accordingly.
       Clicking the bookmark will open the url in the FF Home browser window 
       Display shows as follows:
           Signed in as: <username> 
       Tabs: <# of tabs>
       Bookmarks: <# of bookmarks>
       History: <# of history> 
       Wipe button pops up a confirmation dialog, and then wipe all your data on your iphone. Cancel returns back to the settings page.
           Clicking Wipe will restore the user to the "Please Log In" page 
       Refresh will re-sync everything and update the # of sync'd items
       Stop will halt the syncing process 
       "Done" exits browsing and returns to the previous tab it was opened at
       Verify throbber spins in the upper right corner when page is loading
       Test buttons including Back, Forward, Refresh, and !
            ! button shows options to view page in Safari or email URL. Choosing email URL uses the iphone email app, and includes the link in the email.
           choosing Safari will open URL in a new safari app tab
           Any browsing experience support is limited to the iphone's browser capability (eg. no flash videos)

Goals/Use Cases

  • New User - to Home/Firefox
  • Firefox User w/ Sync Account
  • Firefox User w/o Sync Account
  • Firefox User w/ Sync account and Home User


Other Documentation

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  Blocked: feature is currently blocked.
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